Anthony Legros

L’Héritage de Horne

Top-down coop tower defence game


Gameplay Designer

Sound Designer







A co-op top-down tower defence game, inspired by The Binding of Isaac. The game has a camera similar to the Lego game series. The game was create with the contraint of appealing to Tommy Gaudet, a scenarist at Outer Minds studio. The game was made in around less then a month of total production.

I joined the team in the second half of that semester.

Gameplay Design:

I was tasked with helping design the weapons, towers and possible upgrades. The upgrade system was scrapped due to time constraints, but it would’ve borrowed the principles that make The Binding of Isaac so iconic.

Sound Design:

I was also tasked with all the sound design of the game. I used Audacity and Reaper to create the sounds and Wwise for the integration with the aid of Rémi. I aimed at a snappy but relaxed feel for the game.

The video is a playthrough showcasing most elements of the game.


Narrative Design:

Narrative Design, wave system:

Pixel art assets:

3C and general programming:

Towers and UI programming:

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