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System Designer

System Programmer

UI/UX Programmer

Production management


Unreal Engine




This project was made in the third and final year of university. Our project and team made it through all the elimination phases and was picked as one of the two final projects.

It’s an action game with some platforming elements taking inspiration of the character Doomfist from Overwatch and the PVE arenas from Doom.


Once again Notion was our internal wiki and production information management.

This time though, we had a dedicated production manager, but I was still consulted on how to best use Notion.

System Designer and Programmer

In the game the player will interact with environmental object to progress or sections with spawning enemies that they need to kill. I was the one who made and designed the system.

Essentially, there is a data table with all the “steps” needed to complete a level. After that we assign object references to go along with each “step”. Each steps create a manager object responsible of tracking the progress or interaction with certain objects or spawning enemies at specific times.

The system was made to be semi-modular not only because it is cleaner, but also as a self-imposed challenge or goal that I set myself.



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Character Art:

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Level Design & Narrative Design:

Level Design & Narrative Design:

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