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For out economic design class we wanted to make systems with roguelike elements. We were tasked with planning our numbers and functions on paper with Excel and Machinations, and then integrating and programming those system into Unreal Engine. In that project I decided to do a 2 damage over time system. My colleagues for the project did the enemy wave system, the enemy scaling, and the item progression system for after each wave.

Notion Wiki:

The project was a FPS roguelike with a typical power progression, and intricate damage systems also found in these types of games.

I created a GDD for the project that the rest of the team used to add their part of the documentation.


I created a burn and poison effect that the player could apply to enemies.

Fire effect blueprint

deal damage every second for 5 second. The effect can be refreshed and a stack gets added which multiplies the damage. Lets say you hit the same target twice, you would deal 2x the base damage for the next 5 seconds.

Poison effect blueprint

The poison effect worked the same way but instead of capping at 5 seconds or 5 stacks, you can stack it infinitely.

Machinations flow chart

The Machinations diagram I did for this effect works pretty much the same way as the Excel spreadsheet. You can modify the number of attacks, the time between attacks, the base damage, and the maximum number of stacks or the maximum duration. Its just presented differently as the simulation is visually shown second by second.


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