Anthony Legros

Bloodling / Blood Toon



Gameplay Designer

Sound Design

UI/UX Programmer

Production management


Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine's MetaSounds




We had the challenge of making a large project with the contraint of taking inspiration from a selection of characters by the teachers. We were assigned the character of Inkling from the Nintendo Splatoon game series. We had to take that character and make it our own. The other contraint was that it needed to be a single level with a change of pace down the line in terms of gameplay. The goal was to make 10-minute length gameplay.


Right from the start of that semester, I made an exhaustive Notion page with all departments and where all tasks would be written. It functioned a bit like Trello but with more tabs to see at a glance what task was done.

The work to be done was split into "epics" and "stories", and put into their own categories or department. The masterlist contains everything and in the team page (L'équipe) you can use to see tasks given to each members.


Settings Menu:

One of the common comments on the final year UQAT projects is the lack of settings menu. I decided to learn ahead how to make one and applied it to my projects that semester. The twist here, is that the menu is navigable by keyboard, mouse, and controller, something not easily done with the tools currently given by Epic Games.

Sound design:

Once again, I was the one who made the sounds for the game, but this time around, Wwise wasn’t used, I instead worked with Unreal Engine’sMetaSound beta plugin. link from Félix:


Gameplay design, programming:

Gameplay design, programming:

Gameplay design, 2D art, level Design:


Character art:

Environnement art, VFX:

Environnement art:

  • Cedrick Laroche
  • Félix Marcoux
  • Guillaume Massé
  • Jacob Bouchard
  • Dee-Laina Blais
  • Justin Daigle
  • Renaud Bélanger

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